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The Naxelian Triangle

The Naxelian Triangle

This website has been under creation for some time now, and Ive long had a very precise idea of what kind of content I wanted to provide on this website, especially since information about the topics happen to quite scarce and usually exclusive to academic specialized minds. Thats why I thought it was time for something different, but describing the difference itself from other sides is a bit hard, since the content is going to be very wide-stretched.

To specify the kind of content, its going to be spread over a three-fold field of technical fields, with each their intergrading sub-regions such as displayed in this triangle, that I’ve dubbed The Naxelian Triangle (as a slight reference to the architectural Vitruvian triangle):

First of all, theres my general interest in architecture, and I imagine most of my content related directly to this field will mainly be comprised of architectural styles and categories, and some design related services (Im currently in the process of idea-generating for a style/inspiration service, more on this later) that will be of help in all stages of the architectural design process.

Another big interest of mine is engineering, but since engineering is a pretty big topic Im limiting it to the energy and structural fields, where my contributions will mainly be of explanation of whatever academic stuff I come across and create a way to implement within the design process, often related to architecture.

Then theres the final step in the triangle which is visualization, this field encompasses everything from diagrams and iconography to 3D renderings and real-time visualizations.

Overall, these fields will also be quite overarching for instance, where the architectural and the engineering field converge, the focus will mainly be on sustainability and performance-based design where the primary goal is to bridge the architectural and engineering elements into a cohesive unit.  The mixture of engineering and visualization consists of displaying complex data and several thousand words in graphics that only takes a few seconds to comprehend. Finally, the field between architecture and visualization will as the name suggests seek to unity those elements into architectural visualization (Archviz for short), such as my most recent tutorial available here.